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Jean-Pierre Couprie chose singularity in his way of painting. He uses his imagination to nourish the painting, and finely chops his paintings with the support of his perfect architectural skills and in the course of generous monochrome motives of various colours, in the service of perspectives and perfectly structured backgrounds.

Therefore you will discover under a magical touch and a precise way of placing the light, the urban charm of lyrical patterns, delivered with panache ! A call to poetry, like a painter who becomes a goldsmith.

André Ruellan, critique d'art


Jean-Pierre Couprie was born in Angoulême in 1941. The mark of the North of France on his painting came via the words of poets and writers, from what French people call the “Plat Pays” (the “flat country”). Engraver, graphic designer in architecture, his technical control led him to produce, through 250 exhibitions, strong personal works of art, ignoring the usual trends and fashions, structured with a palette knife, with a laser cutting precision. This allowed him to tackle all themes in liaison with his perception of the world, as well as his musical and literary influences. A universe full of moving lights, of wind and water, where all of a sudden appear cities, bell towers, factories and canals that reveal the intense and powerful poetry of the North of France.

Salon As'Art - Logis de Plaisance - Barbezieux

His light is like the spotlights of a theatre director. It lights up the dark areas and gives nobility to simple places where we go too often to “see” them really. This light that illuminates the surreal seascapes of the North Sea painted by Couprie. Those seascapes are a space – an undetermined time frame where you meet bell towers and fantasy cities.Dazzling qualities reminiscent of Turner.

Couprie also knows how to open some kind of peaceful “airlock” with his seascapes and his paintings of Bruges and Venice, as well as his perspectives of canals, his landscapes of Flanders that could move with the rhythm of the seasons. A sequence of invitations to travel…


René Bonnet

The painter Jean-Pierre Couprie was a city explorer. A city that he conceived as a geographical space of his imagination. A city that symbolised perfectly the huge urban community of Lille – Roubaix – Tourcoing, as he could catch its essence years after years in its unchanging settings and in its industrial and contemporary transformations. A city sometimes reinvented with more than a thousand details of colourful bricks like those you could see in the many balconies and corbels on the house façades in the streets of Valenciennes, Arras or Cambrai.


Samuel Petit

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