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Couprie, a painter at the edge of the box.

The works of Couprie, who himself never referred to the 9th art,
created surprising reactions among comic lovers.

Our unconscious whispers some connections which are not so much linked to a way of painting, illustrating or even drawing as to architectural worlds or colours used by one or other author. It means concretely that it is impossible to illustrate a clear arallel between Couprie’s paintings and the works of authors of comics, as it is a completely subjective connexion.

Depending on personal sensitivity, his own fund of knowledge and points of reference, the amateur will establish a connexion with the works of Enki Bilal, Nicolas de Crécy, Philippe Druillet or François Schuiten. So many iconic authors, whose pieces of work have nothing else in common than their undeniable beauty !

A piece of advice … be guided by your own reference points …

Author : Saskia Berthelon

photographers : Gisèle Fiche, Jean Paul Ziegler

more information : La cité internationale de la BD et de l'image



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